Wedding at the Hub in Edinburgh

As one of the Edinburgh wedding photographers I have a chance to go to different wedding venues in Edinburgh. The Hub was one of them. Located close to the Edinburgh Castle, the Hub is one of the most visited places along the famous Royal Mile. Its towers are visible from the hills surrounding the city. It attracts lots of visitors who with curiosity venture into the high walls of the building. On the outside it looks like a church, but once you enter through that tall red gate you will follow a long hallway to the remarkable staircase.
The Hub is also know for hosting weddings. On my last visit there is was surprisingly warm in the city of Edinburgh! All the guests together with the bride and groom enjoyed themselves that day.
The streets were crowded and filled with summer weather. What a joy and a rare occurrence I have to admit. But it is always nice to by surprised by a hit of warmth in the windy city. Below some of the great photographs I took on that day.

the HUB Edinburgh


Bride on her way to meet the groom for the ceremony at the Hub in Edinburgh






Bride reading the vows during the  wedding ceremony at the Hub in Edinburgh


Groom kissing his bride


The Hub wedding



Bridal party walking in the city centre of Edinburgh near the Royal Mile

wedding photos in Edinburgh

Royal Mile wedding photos

Edinburgh wedding photographer following the couple

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