Malishka Photography style and approach

 I love the reportage / documentary wedding photography! It's timeless and so sincere!

To put it simply - you enjoy your day to the fullest and I capture these big iconic and small unpredicted moments which with time passing by you will treasure more and more!

To me weddings are flows of energy, filled with love, emotions and lots of fun. I love images that show your relationships with your loved ones, family and friends on a very special day of your life.  These are the most meaningful I believe. My documentary style puts you at ease, this way you are yourselves, so I can document the day that represents the two of you and your loved ones.

In my photographs I show not only how everyone looked that day but also how you felt that special day. So years after by looking at your wedding photos you can travel in time and be reminded of the feelings from that day.

 My photography has origins from street and travel photography. Both directly influence my approach to wedding photography. I always look for images with great light and interesting composition.

I work quietly and I am not bossy, so people may hardly notice that I am there.

Read my clients' testimonials to see what people are saying about me - Kasia. Before the wedding I would like to meet up with you or speak one the phone, so we can chat about your plans. This is a free consultancy. I will answer any questions and happy to offer my advice.

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer  to fully enjoy your wedding day, just let us know