Wedding at Eastwood House Dunkeld

Along the river Tay, beautiful gardens, a wedding ceremony with happy guests gathering to witness a celebration of love. Dunkeld is a small, lovely town, not far from Perth. I have been there before and it was great to go back to photograph another wedding! Eastwood House is a great venue with a nice, laid-back atmosphere. It was a pleasure of creating documentary wedding photography for another lovely couple who enjoyed their day together with their families and friends!

River Tay in Dunkeld

Eastwood House wedding

Eastwood House wedding

Eastwood House Dunkeld

Eastwood House wedding photography

Bride getting ready at Eastwood House

Eastwood House Wedding

Eastwood House Dunkeld

Eastwood House wedding photos

Eastwood House wedding

Bride getting ready at Eastwood House, Dunkeld

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Groom preparations at Eastwood House

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Groom's getting ready at Eastwood House

Groom's preparations

Groom portraits at Eastwood House

Sparkly wedding shoes

Bridal hair Dunkeld

Happy bride during preparations

Kids at weddings at Eastwood House

Bridal hair with flowers

Bride's getting ready at Eastwood House

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Bride walking to the ceremony

Bride & girls walking with the piper

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Garden wedding ceremony in Scotland at Eastwood House

Garden  wedding ceremony at Eastwood House

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Scotland

Kids at weddings in Scotland

Bride & groom during the wedding ceremony in Dunkeld

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Happy bride & groom

Eastwood House wedding photography

Bride & groom laughing during the ceremony

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Eastwood House wedding photos

Kids at play

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Eastwood House

Eastwood House wedding photography

Bride & groom portraits at Eastwood House

Bride & Groom walking along the river Tay

Bride & groom portraits in the gardens of Eastwood House

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Eastwood House wedding reception

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Eastwood House Wedding

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Eastwood House wedding reception

River Tay

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Speeches at Eastwood House wedding

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Bride&Groom first dance at Eastwood House Wedding

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Eastwood House Wedding dances

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