Couple photo session at Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

Couple photo session at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh is a really great opportunity for photography. People who like outdoors, trees, lovely colours of mother nature will find a photo paradise here. It is so easy to add some colours into photos. Lovely afternoon it was to spend with these two lovely people who actually never been in the botanic gardens before, but loved the idea of a photo session there!
We walked around a bit looking for nicely shaped trees and some colours. It was an easy task to find different shapes around, since there are so many plants and trees around. There were not too many visitors that day at the gardens, since most of the day was rainy and this must have scared people away. For the time of our photography the skies cleared out and we could enjoy the dry bits to take some great photographs and wander around.
Here are some of my favourites from that photo shoot!

Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

Lovely trees and one happy couple

Love in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

Blue flowers and one lovely couple

Sun flare at the Botanic Gardens

Romantic black&white couple photo