Calton Hill Edinburgh couple photo session

Yes, Calton Hill in Edinburgh, a hill in the city centre, easy to climb with great views at Edinburgh and the surroundings. It was one cold, rainy Saturday morning but these guys were lots of fun to photograph and spend the time with! It was not my first photo session here at Calton Hill. All I can say it just gets more challenging going there few times! It actually makes you more creative :-) It's been a while since the last time I was there and of course as very typical for Scottish weather, it was different every single time I climbed up to the top of that hill. These 2 will be getting married this year and I am looking forward to their big day and keeping my fingers crossed for a warmer day! Some great photographs from that photo session can be seen below! :-)

Same sex couple photos in Edinburgh at the top of Calton Hill

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Same sex couple photo session in Edinburgh

Same sex couple photo session at Calton Hill in Edinburgh

Civil partnership photography in Edinburgh

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