Wedding at Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel

I am always looking forward to exploring new places. So it was at Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel. Lovely wedding venue, actually suitable not only for a wedding but worth paying a visit over there, since the area is of a picturesque nature and offers great hiking opportunities. The hotel is located close to the river bank, overlooking the river and allowing to walk along it and of course, a great spot for wedding photography.
In order to reach the Dunkeld House Hotel you enter through a long, long drive way, where you need to stop from time to time to let other cars by. Meadows around and little forest greet you before you arrive at the Hitlon Dunkeld House.
It actually does not look like a hotel... It looks more like a spacious house :-) Lovely colours were there at the time for this wedding. It was the early autumn and the nature was starting to change its look.
The guests arrived from abroad to celebrate this special day. It was great watching guests having good times, singing and dancing during the drinks reception, not only when the dances started! Being a wedding photographer for each couple is a privilege and I always give the best I can, so the wedding photographs feel unique to the bride and groom.
These two lovely people were eager to be photographed and liked exploring the nearby areas! The day was filled with lots of laughter and fun. Some photographs of the day below!

Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel wedding

Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel wedding photos

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