Dalhousie Castle wedding photos

It was a perfect Scottish weather that day, a bit of fog and slight rain. These two lovely people came over from abroad to have their wedding picture taken at this stunning location. We explored the grounds outdoors and some rooms indoors. The liquid sun did not stop us from wandering around and actually I have taken some fantastic wedding photos, since the light this morning was soft and only few people could be seen around. Dalhousie Castle attracts many visitors and couples who get married here, since it is so close to Scotland's capital and I think most importantly it is beautifully located offering a wide variety of spots for photography . These two were fun to work with and below you can see what we have produced :-)

Dalhousie Castle wedding photographer

Indoors of Dalhousie Castle

Dalhousie Castle wedding photos

Dalhousie Castle grounds and bride and groom

Happy couple at Dalhousie Castle wedding

Stunning Dalhousie Castle photos

Dalhousie Castle wedding images

Dalhousie Castle wedding

Entrance to the  Dalhousie Castle