Couple photo session in the Edinburgh hills

As Edinburgh photographer I am really happy to live in a such great city. Edinburgh attracts thousands of people from all over the world. It has not only historic feel all around but also great landscape. And you do not really drive far way to get to some hills, you just walk down the Royal Mile, pass by the Holyrood Palace and are surprised by the Salisbury Crags, the hills which give you great views at the city from one side. The other side presents you with the highest point of the city, the Arthur's Seat. I think it is my favourite part of the city. The large open space in between and at the edge, the city of Edinburgh.
I had a pleasure of coming here with one lovely couple for their couple session. We simply enjoyed being here!


Scotland wedding photographer


Happy couple captured by Edinburgh wedding photographer in the hills

Romantic couple portraits Scotland, Edinburgh


Artistic wedding photography Edinburgh, Scotland


Amazing views at Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags

Fun portrait session in Edinburgh

Romantic engagement photos Edinburgh

Fantastic couple photo session Edinburgh, Scotland



Creative wedding photography Scotland, Edinburgh

Creative couple portraits Edinburgh