Castle wedding in Fife

 The Kingdom of Fife as I have just read is known as a Home of Golf. It is not a big attraction for me however going to a castle to photograph a wedding is. This private castle with interesting artworks and history is one of many wedding venues in Fife. As it happens the weather can be tricky here in Scotland for outdoor wedding ceremonies so a dry day is always a win. Even if the sky is not blue and the sun hiding behind the clouds I always try to add some colours from the surroundings. With my reportage approach towards weddings, I like to tell a story of the day. I also like to show the settings of each place and capture the mood. A big advantage of my documentary style is being an observer so I can capture real, unpredicted lovely and funny moments that will always bring the memories of the day back. It was a lovely crowd of people attending this wedding. Most of them travelled from abroad and had a chance to spend a few days in Scotland and explore it. Guests participated in a history tour of the castle before the ceremony that was held in the courtyard, a nice shelter from the wind. Dinner was served in two rooms with candlelight. And dancing was lots of fun with a nice music band.