Wedding at the Edinburgh Castle

People from all over the world come to Edinburgh to get married. There are many of wedding venues throughout the city. One of them is at the top of the rock, which is the Edinburgh Castle itself. It seems like a very special place for wedding photography.
These lovely people also came from abroad to exchange their vows in the St. Margarets Chapel. They have experienced the real Edinburgh, since the weather turned out to be as you can see from the photographs below - rainy and foggy. It however, didn't stop them from enjoying themselves. The very unusual part was when the bride decided to throw her bouquet to some strangers on the Royal Mile and so did the groom with bridal wedding garter. There were of course some lucky catchers. It was great to be a part of this very small wedding party!

Edinburgh Castle wedding




Bride walking with her father to the groom at Edinburgh castle wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony at St. Margarets Chapel at Edinburgh Castle

Bride and groom during the wedding ceremony at Edinburgh Castle

Bride and groom exchanging rings at Edinburgh Castle wedding ceremony

Happy married couple kisses during the wedding ceremony at Edinburgh Castle

Happy couple leaving the chapel at Edinburgh Castle

Bride and groom lovely portraits at Edinburgh Castle

Malishka Photography captures romantic photos of a wedding couple at Edinburgh Castle

Married couple at Edinburgh Castle after the wedding ceremony

Angels with Bagpipes hosts wedding reception

Fine dinning at Angels with Bagpipes on Royal Mile


Bottle of Bollinger champane







Lovely couple walking on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Wedding photos of a lovely couple on the famous Royal Mile

Bride on the Royal Mile


Happy couple on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh